Outboard Caliper Mounting

Rockwell "Horseshoe" Pinion Brake Bracket
Rockwell "Horseshoe" Pinion Brake Bracket
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Product Description

Rockwell "Horseshoe" Pinion Brake Bracket
Rockwell pinion brake mounting bracket for the 2.5 ton axle. This bracket is for mounting the caliper to the outside of the differential, toward the kingpin. It WILL NOT work on the inboard side due to bearing cap bolt spacing and caliper to housing clearance. Rotor diameter 10.063". Cut from 3/8" steel with a new design allowing the bracket to be installed and removed without removing the pinion flange. Best suited for running brakes and driveshaft on opposite ends of the pinion shaft. Available as bracket alone or as a kit including spacers, longer grade 8 bolts, and lockwashers. Rotor will need to be redrilled to the driveshaft flange bolt pattern. Redrilled rotor available. Optional hub cap cut from .125" steel to cover and dress up the center hole and pinion nut (shown in picture left). Due to fifty plus years of manufacturing tolerances, and the shims used for pinion set-up, spacers may require shimming or trimming for optimum caliper to rotor spacing.


Drilled Rotor
Mazda rotor drilled for the Rockwell driveshaft flange pattern.