Rockwell "Batwing" Pinion Brake Mount

Rockwell "Batwing" Pinion Brake Mount

Product Description

Rockwell "Batwing" Pinion Brake Mount
Rockwell pinion brake mount for the Wilwood caliper Mazda rotor combination. This design allows the use of the lighter, higher performance, Wilwood caliper and the smaller diameter Mazda rotor for a compact package to help with engine and link clearance issues, or just the performance and bling factor. Much better option than the Toyota caliper when running the brake and driveshaft on the same side as the driveshaft retains the original flange step register. Can be doubled up to run two calipers and two rotors, one on each end of the pinion shaft, for better cooling and even more braking force. Shimming required, shims included. Longer bolts, available as an option, are required. Bolt kit contains three grade 8 bolts and three grade 8 lockwashers. Rotor will need to be bored and redrilled to fit the backside of the driveshaft flange. Fully machined rotor, bored and redrilled, available. Socket head capscrews, "Allen bolts", recommended for rotor/flange/driveshaft connection.


Machined Rotor
Mazda rotor machined to fit the backside of the Rockwell driveshaft flange. Used with the Wilwood caliper Batwing pinion brake bracket. This rotor is drilled for the flange pattern, bored for the proper I.D. and spotfaced flat for the bolt heads. Socket head capscrews, "Allen bolts", required for the rotor/flange/ driveshaft connection, not included.